Traditionally, the Nützel mill was a typical mill, a small water wheel in the local stream in the Upper Franconian Wiesenttal valley drove the millstones and processed wheat into wheat flour. The switch to malt production was accompanied by the founding of Nützel-Mühle GmbH by Matthias Nützel in 2007.

As the mill located there was bursting at the seams after a short time and there was no opportunity to expand, we quickly found a new, strategically well-located site in Weimar, Thuringia. Since summer 2020, we have been busy renovating and building new premises on our new company site in Nordstraße in Weimar. As a result, we are now gradually relocating the head office and the main part of production from Wiesenttal to Weimar.

Two existing halls have already been completely rebuilt, refurbished and equipped with the latest racking technology so that over 3,000 pallets can now be stored and retrieved fully automatically. When fully operational, our state-of-the-art bagging plant will be able to fill 100 to 150 tons of malt products per day.

We have retained the existing technology as far as possible and will continue to use it. The elevator in the silo building, built in 1973, still travels through the first 7 floors, but now with modern controls.

Our team

Matthias Nützel
Phone:  +49 91 96 33 198-10
E-mail: m.nuetzel@nuetzel-muehle.de

Jochen Hauptmann
Phone:  +49 6352 406-116
E-mail:   j.hauptmann@bindewald.de

Constantin König
Phone:  +49 172 632 16 89
E-mail:   c.koenig@bindewald.de


Our products and our work are characterized by our corporate values and principles!

We focus on the highest product quality and the greatest possible safety through state-of-the-art manufacturing processes for all products.

Environmental protection and sustainable practices are the focus of our work.

Customer orientation:
Our top priority is the satisfaction of our customers.

We invest in technologies and the further development of our products.

Respect and fairness:
The principle of our corporate culture is based on respect and fairness.

We support local and regional clubs and teams and get involved locally.

We run our company in an ethical and socially responsible manner, treat our employees as equals and see TEAM as more than just a word.


Our grain comes from the most fertile grain-growing regions in Germany. At our sites, we refine the various raw materials into flours, malts and ingredients that meet the highest demands of the food industry.
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Unser neues Gebäude in Weimar.
Die Außenarbeiten beginnen.
... damit man von außen sieht, was drin ist!
Hier läuft bald einiges zusammen.
Die eigene Stromversorgung funktioniert.
Transportbänder im ersten Testlauf.
Das Hochregallager kann gefüllt werden.
Erste Zertifizierungen werden erfolgreich bestanden.
... und unser Backlabor besteht die erste Prüfung.
Das neue Röstgebäude ist eingehaust.
Im Container kommen erste Teile der Mälzerei.
Unser Fuhrpark wurde erweitert.